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​Today Theresa Flores is a Writer and Advocate, much sought after Keynote Speaker, Advisor, Educator and Professional Expert 
who has testified before the Ohio Senate in supports of Human Trafficking Legislation. 
Theresa has been a guest lecturer at universities across the U.S., and speaks with middle and high school students nationwide. 
For more information visit TraffickFree.com
​S.O.A.P. stands for "Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution".
S.O.A.P. is an outreach program through Traffickfree and DOMA International to distribute thousands of bars of soap wrapped with a red band that gives the National Human Trafficking Hotline number (888.3737.888) and key identifying questions to high-risk motels.  

Volunteers offer the soap free of charge to motel owners and managers and in turn provide them with a quick overview of what is happening to young girls in their motels. S.O.A.P.- Outreaches are scheduled for high-demand events like the Super Bowl, NCAA Final Four, Indy 500 and so on.
While more and more people each day become aware of the dangerous world of human trafficking, most people in the U.S. still believe this is something that happens to foreign women, men and children - NOT something that happens to their own.

In this powerful true story, Theresa Flores shares how her life as an All-American, blue-eyed, blond-haired 15-year-old teenager who could have been your neighbor was enslaved into the dangerous world of sex trafficking while living in an upper-middle class suburb of Detroit.